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pdf icon  Spring 2018 Newsletter   (PDF)


  • Highlights
  • Board news
  • A letter to Candice
  • Colouring contest
  • Dogs and Kids safety project
  • The Dogs’ Den
  • Condo living with your pup
  • ‘Going to the Dogs’ fundraiser
  • Park clean-ups
  • Membership
  • Kids Page
  • Thank you


Gabe Parent, winner of our first Safety Award



pdf icon  Winter 2017 Newsletter   (PDF)


  • Highlights
  • Board news
  • "Flying with a larger dog"
  • Things you wish you had taught your pup; and skills you are glad he learned
  • Winter and Holiday safety tips
  • "The Dogs’ Den" by Tyler, Nellie and Morgan     
  • "Going to the Dogs" fundraiser changed to an online auction
  • "Take your owner for a walk and support RDOC" fundraiser
  • Ferguson Forest Dog Park
  • Park clean-ups  
  • CCGC testing
  • Kids page
  • Thank you


poodles playing in the snow


pdf icon  Fall 2017 Newsletter   (PDF)


  • Highlights
  • Board News
  • Flying With Your Pet
  • 6 Ways Pets Make Our Lives Better
  • "Going to the Dogs" Fundraiser   
  • Park Clean-Ups  
  • Garage Sale
  • Teddy Bear Picnic
  • Kids Page



halloween display




Summer 2017 Newsletter       Summer 2017 Newsletter  (pdf)


  • Highlights
  • Board News
  • Pet Friendly Retirement Homes in Canada
  • Traveling in the Car with your Dog
  • Summer Safety Tips
  • “Going to the Dogs” Fundraiser   
  • Park Clean-Ups  
  • Garage Sale
  • Kids Page
  • Thank you



beach ball


Spring 2017 Newsletter       Spring 2017 Newsletter  (pdf)


  • Highlights
  • Board News
  • Retirement Homes and Pets   
  • Prepare Your Dog for a Move to a Retirement Home
  • “Going to the Dogs” Fundraiser   
  • Park Clean-Ups  
  • Garage Sale
  • Pet Expo
  • Kids Page
  • Thank You







Park Clean-Up Days


Park Notice - Pick Up After Your Dog

Once in the Spring and again in the Fall we clean our local off-leash dog walking parks.

During the morning we hand out bags and gloves to dog owners. They are the ones who do all the work picking up the garbage etc. Their reward is a much cleaner park, and their dogs get dog cookies.

image: dog running with bone

RDOC would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful dog owners who help keep our parks clean.




clipart: dog bar


image: Join Us!


Annual Membership Fees:

Seniors and Students $10

Adults and Family $20 (volunteers get 50% discount)

Not-for-Profit Organizations $35

Corporations and Businesses $50

To join or renew your membership, please email 

or go to our website at



Responsible Dog Owners of Canada (RDOC)

Responsible Dog Owners of Canada is a registered non profit organization that promotes responsible dog ownership through education and support, cultivates respect for the rights and privileges of members of  the dog-owning and non dog-owning communities, fosters recognition of the contribution that canines make through companionship, service/assistance and therapy and aspires to assemble a strong network of responsible dog owners to ensure the restoration and preservation of a dog-friendly society.

Responsibility   ·    Respect   ·   Recognition

Contact RDOC  by:
Phone: 613-868-2201   Please leave a message

Write to us at:
24 Elderwood Trail
Stittsville, ON
K2S 1C9, Canada




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