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Websites with information on dog parks website  

Click on the province or state. Then click on the city. You will get a list of dog parks in alphabetical order. Each dog park listing has address, opening hours, whether it has benches, poop bag dispensers, and parking and a description (on/off leash area, wooded or field, lake/river, etc.)

Pet Friendly website  

To find the location of local dog parks, click on the "Dog Park" section, then click on the province, and finally scroll down to the city you are interested in. Each dog park listing has the address and a short description (on/off leash area, wooded or field, lake/river, etc.)

BringFido website    

Click on the menu. Type the name of the city in the destination line, then click on "Activities ", then click on "Dog Parks" or "Dog Beaches" etc.

DogPlay   About dog parks, what is a dog park?   Mississauga dog park regulations   Mississauga off-leash parks map   Leash-free zones article   How to establish a successful dog park in your community


While RDOC will make every attempt to keep the listings up-to-date, it does not accept responsibility for any incorrect information.  Please follow all rules, regulations and signage in the parks.


Good Manners and Safety at the Dog Park

"Dog Park Etiquette: Rules to Help Dogs Get Along"  By Dr. Sophia Yin

To download the free poster on Dog Park Etiquette just go to

Dog Park Assistant on the App Store on iTunes

15 things humans do wrong at dog parks | MNN - Mother Nature Network

How Are Your Dog Park Manners?  

Trainer Q&A: Good manners for dogs and owners in off-leash parks | Tails of Seattle | The Seattle Times



Where your dog can swim in the Ottawa area

Listing of wading pools and other swimming places in Ottawa and the surrounding area. Rules may change from year to year.




Travel and Accommodation

A list of websites with useful information on travelling with your pet:

travelling by car


" - Worldwide travel resource for pets"  

The website has information on airline pet policies ("Live animal in-cabin, checked baggage & cargo services for over 180 airlines"), pet passports ("Import requirements for over 240 countries"), pet friendly hotels ("Over 35,000 pet friendly hotels, parks, restaurants and stores worldwide"), pet travel information ("Exactly what you need to know about pet travel"), pet travel store ("Everything your pet will need to travel"), and pet travel transport ("We can help you when you are not traveling with your pet. Find out how").

ASPCA website

Search for 'Travelling with your pet' and you will find lots of helpful hints. Or search for 'pet friendly hotels', etc.

WikiHow website  

Search for 'Travelling with your pet '. The website has lots of informative articles. Here are some examples: "How to Prepare a Dog for Air Travel", "How to Travel with Your Pets", "How to Handle Holiday Travel with Your Pet", etc.

Government of Canada website  

Search for 'Traveling with your pet' to find out about government regulations for travelling with your pet.

AAA/CAA website

The book "Traveling With Your Pet" is a great resource. Their website gives you a short summary of the book along with great travel tips for travelling "By Road", "By Air", "Across the Border", "Camping and Hiking", etc.

Pet Friendly  

Some of the  subheadings are hotels/lodging, dog parks, pet travel tips, etc. The hotels/lodging and dog parks sections are divided into provinces. For example, to find out where dog parks are in Ottawa, just click on "Dog Park" section, then click on "Ontario", and then scroll down to Ottawa.

Mercola website

"Many pet parents will include their canine companions in their summer vacation plans this year"

Practical information on flying with your pet.


In addition to the above links, check out the following articles in our newsletters:

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Flying With a Larger Dog - (Winter 2017)

Travelling in the Car With Your Dog -


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