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image: Be A Tree

    Be safe
    around a strange dog

    1.   Fold your branches (hands)
    2.   Watch your roots grow (feet)
    3.   Count in your head until the dog goes away or help comes

    Be safe
    around dogs you know

    Dogs don't like hugs and kisses - scratch the side of his neck instead
    Play safe games - fetch, teach tricks, hide and seek - no tug or chasing games
    Ask an adult to play too!
    Respect the dog's resting place, toys, food and bones


    A safe dog is ...

    On a leash with a person you know
    Sitting calmly
    Wagging, panting and looking happy to see you

    A dangerous dog is ...

    Running loose
    Growling, showing his teeth or raising his fur on his back
    Looking worried with his mouth closed and a half moon of white showing in his eye
    Warning you to stay away by raising his tail high over his back
    Holding his tail between his legs, wagging his tail between his legs or wagging his tail slowly and way up in the air

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    The above information was compiled by Doggone Safe.
    Visit their website
    for more information on their dog bite prevention programme



updated August 2017

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