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Welcome to the Kids Dog Guardian

    Let us introduce ourselves.
    We are the Dog Guardian newsletter co-editors’ dogs:

    Tyler, Julie's pup,  and Gus, Betty & Jennifer's pup.

    We wanted to give you guys our perspective of being responsible around dogs, so we decided the Kids newsletter needs articles written by us dogs.





Links to our Newsletters:

  • Issue #9 - 2021   (pdf)   NEW!
    About Duck Tolling Retrievers (Tollers);  Teach your dog to jump through a hoop;  How long can you leave a puppy alone?  Guess the Safety Rule game;  Colouring Contest: Not every dog that wags its tail is friendly.
  • Issue #8 - 2021   (pdf)  
    Welcome Tango, our new co-editor;  About Vizslas;  Teach your dog to wipe his muddy paws before coming into the house;  Can your dog see colours?;  Colouring Contest: Never touch a mother dog or her puppies without permission from an adult;  The Let's Pretend game.
  • Issue #7 - 2021   (pdf)   
    About Mixed Breed dogs;  Teach your dog to go to the bathroom on command;  Can you take your dog camping?  Colouring Contest: Never touch a dog that is hurt;  The "Who Are We?" game;  Goodbye Gus.
  • Issue #6 - 2021   (pdf)  
    About Dachshunds;  Teach your dog to take a bow;  What is a "buddy dog"?;  Colouring Contest: Dogs should never be left alone with a small child or baby;  A Challenge game - ask your dog to sit several times a day and count how many times he obeys.
  • Issue #5 - 2021   (pdf)  
    About Labradoodles;  Teach your dog how to crawl;  Helping dogs with hearing problems;  Colouring Contest: A dog's personal space;  A puzzle (jigsaw) game.
  • Issue #4 - 2021   (pdf)   
    About Cairn Terriers;  Teach your dog to put his hands up;  Helping dogs that have problems seeing; Colouring Contest: How to meet a dog;  The "What pup am I?" game (matchup game).
  • Issue #3 - 2021   (pdf)   
    About Great Danes;  Teach your dog to learn names;  Three Funny Facts About Dogs;  Colouring Contest: Never take away a dog's bone or toy;  The Where oh where did my treat go? game.
  • Issue #2 - 2021   (pdf)
    About Irish Setters; Teaching "Spin";  How do you solve the problem of a lonely pup?;  Colouring Contest: Meeting a new dog;  The What am I Doing? game
  • Issue #1 - 2021   (pdf)  
    About Bouviers;  Teaching "Roll over";  How old is your dog in people's years?;  Colouring Contest: Be kind to all animals;  The Picture Detective game.

    Quick link to the Issue 1 Colouring Contest picture

  • Issue #12 - 2020   (pdf)
    About Border Terriers;  Teaching "Wave";  What can you do if your dog gets sprayed by a skunk?;  Colouring Contest: Never Pull a Dog's Ears or Tail;  The What Or Who Am I? Game.
  • Issue #11 - 2020   (pdf)  
    About Bernese Mountain Dogs;  Teaching "Wait";  What does it mean if a dog has a double coat?;  Colouring Contest: Never Tease or Chase a Dog;  The Favourite Sleeping Place Game.

  • Issue #10 - 2020   (pdf)   
    About Westies (West Highland White Terriers);  Teaching "Shake a Paw";  "Talkative" dogs;  Colouring Contest: Stay Calm Around Dogs;  Story Telling: Mr. Dog Shows Some Children How to Keep Calm Around Dogs and to Use Their Indoor Voices.
  • Issue #9 - 2020   (pdf)   
    About Basenjis (the barkless dogs);  Teaching "Close The Door";  How can you help your dog keep cool in this hot summer weather?;  Story Telling: Your Pup's Visit to the Vet;  Colouring Contest: Regular Checkups at the Vet.
  • Issue #8 - 2020   (pdf)   
    About Bichon Frise dogs;  Teaching "Stand on Command";   How Can a Dog That Doesn't Bark a Lot Be Described as 'Very Talkative'?;  Fun Crafts: Make a Bear From a Cardboard Tube;  The 'Dog Treat Walk' Game.
  • Issue #7 - 2020   
    About Havanese dogs;  Teaching "Ring a bell to Go Outside";  Could Itchy Ears be Caused by Swimming in a Pond?;  Fun Crafts: Allie the Alligator;  Doggy "Simon Says" Game
  • Issue #6 - 2020    (pdf)    
    About French Bulldogs;   Teach your pup "Lay On Your Back";  What Are The Special Needs Of Senior Dogs?; Fun Crafts: Easy Dog Hand Puppets;  "Dog Puppet" Story.
  • Issue #5 - 2020    (pdf)    
    About Siberian Huskies;  Teaching "Heel";  Should You Microchip Your Dog?;  Fun Crafts: Make a Shape Puppy;  10 Questions Game. 
  • Issue #4 - 2020    (pdf)    
    About Cocker Spaniels;  Teaching "Back Up";  How to Figure Out Your Dog's Energy Level;  Fun Crafts: Dalmation Toilet Roll Dog;  The Alphabet Game.
  • Issue #3 - 2020    (pdf)    
    About German Shepherds;  Very Useful Things to Learn (teaching 'stay');  Dogs' Den Storybook  (why can dogs eat and drink things that would make humans sick?);  Colouring Contest  (always have an adult present when walking a dog);  Game (What Am I?)
  • Issue #2 - 2020    (pdf)     
    Welcome Gus, our new co-editor;  About Yorkshire Terriers;  Very Useful Things to Learn (teaching 'the emergency stop'); Dogs' Den Storybook (how to teach your dog to get along with cats);  Colouring Contest (don't bother a dog when he is eating);  Game ('Mission Impossible')
  • Issue #1 - 2020    (pdf)    
    Goodbye Morgan;  About Doberman Pinschers;  Very Useful Things to Learn (teaching 'fetch');  Dogs' Den Storybook (how much exercise does a dog need every day?);  Game (Which House?);  Colouring Contest (Never Wake a Sleeping Dog Suddenly).
  • January 2020    (pdf)   
    About Rough Collies ('Lassie Dogs');  Very Useful Things to Learn (teaching 'speak' and 'quiet');  Dogs' Den Storybook (are dog ramps or dog stairs better for my elderly dog?);  Game (Scavenger Hunt: 'Spot a Well Behaved Pup');  Colouring Contest (Doggy Maze)  

  • December 2019    (pdf)    
    About Portuguese Water Dogs (PWDs, or 'Porties');  very useful things to learn (teaching 'lie down'; Dogs' Den Storybook (why should you train your pup?);  colouring contest (never put your hands between two dogs);  game ('Doggy Bingo').
  • November 2019   (pdf)  
    About Miniature Schnauzers;  very useful things to learn (teaching 'focus');  Dogs' Den Storybook (what to do when kids shriek and run away from your pup);  colouring contest (please don't hug a strange dog); game (what's that pup?)
  • October 2019   (pdf)
    About Beagles;  very useful things to learn (teaching your pup to 'leave it');  Dogs' Den Storybook (what should we know before getting a puppy?);  colouring contest (never make loud noises around dogs, especially sleeping dogs); game (a match up game)
  • September 2019    (pdf)
    About Australian Shepherds; very useful things to learn (teaching your pup her name); Dogs' Den Storybook (why do puppies chew?); colouring contest (stand like a tree, or be like a rock); game (scavenger hunt)
  • August 2019   (pdf)
    About Dalmations; very useful things to learn ('come'); Dogs' Den Storybook (is there a right age for a child to get a dog?); colouring contest; quiz (questions and answers from this newsletter)
  • July 2019   (pdf)
    About Jack Russell Terriers; very useful things to learn (teach your pup to sit); Dogs' Den (dogs can smell things much better than kids can); colouring contest; puzzle (which object doesn't fit with the others?)
  • June 2019   (pdf)   
    About Golden Retrievers; helping with your dog (choosing toys for your dog); Dogs' Den (why are some dogs wearing doggie booties in the winter?); Teddy Bear Picnic; colouring contest; puzzle (spot the differences); photos of Larry's puppy party
  • May 2019   (pdf)
    About Poodles; helping with your dog (socializing your puppy); Dogs' Den storybook (please don't disturb your sleeping puppy); colouring contest; game (the socializing game)

  • April 2019   (pdf)
    About Labrador Retrievers; Helping with your dog (for 5 year olds); Dogs' Den storybook (not every dog that wags its tail is friendly); colouring contest; eye detective game (spot the differences between two pictures)
  • March 2019   (pdf)
    Dogs with jobs (therapy dogs); Helping with your dog (for 4 year olds); Dogs' Den storybook (review of previous articles); colouring contest; game (word puzzle)

  • February 2019   (pdf)
    Book report - "May I Pet Your Dog?" by Stephanie Calmenson; What if you can't have a dog? (about fish this time); Dogs' Den storybook (how to be safe around dogs); colouring contest; puzzle (decipher the clues to see what you need when you get a new puppy)
  • January 2019   (pdf)
    Book report - "How to Speak Dog" by Sarah Whitehead; What if you can't have a dog? (about hamsters); Dogs' Den storybook (what to do when a dog you don't know runs up to you); colouring contest; puzzle (word find)

  • December 2018  (pdf)
    Fun website -, What if you can't have a dog? (about pet rabbits); Dogs' Den storybook (be kind to all animals); colouring contest; puzzle (fill in the missing letters)
  • November 2018  (pdf)
    Fun website -
    , Indoor activities for you and your pup, and teach your dog a trick ("clean-up game"); Dogs with jobs (police dogs); Dogs' Den storybook (never pull a dog's ears and tail); Colouring contest; Games at
  • October 2018  (pdf)
    Teach your dog a trick ("take a bow"); Dogs with jobs (hearing assistance dogs); Dogs' Den storybook (dog training classes); Colouring contest (never tease or chase a dog); Quiz - questions about the stories in this newsletter.
  • September 2018  (pdf)
    Goodbye Nellie; Dogs with jobs (mobility assistance service dogs); Indoor activities for you and your pup("hide a treat" game); Teach your dog a trick ("which hand"); Dogs' Den storybook (dogs like going for walks); Colouring Contest (stay calm); Quiz - 5 questions about this newsletter
  • August 2018  (pdf)
    Dogs with jobs (guide dogs); Teach your dog a trick ("crawl"); Dogs' Den storybook (dog school, don't disturb your dog when he is eating); Colouring Contest (the vet); Quiz – 5 questions about this newsletter
  • July 2018  (pdf)
    Dogs' Den storybook (the right way to meet a dog, and the wrong way); Colouring Contest (not every dog that wags its tail is friendly); Quiz - 5 questions about the Dog's Den story book
  • June 2018  (pdf)
    Teddy Bear Picnic; Colouring Contest (don't make loud noises around dogs);  Dogs' Den story book (dogs love to play, but don't like to be teased or chased); Games (unscramble the words); Tricks ("shake hands")



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