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Welcome to the Kids Dog Guardian

    Let us introduce ourselves.
    We are the Dog Guardian newsletter co-editors’ dogs:

    Tyler, Julie's pup,  and Morgan, Jill's pup.

    We wanted to give you guys our perspective of being responsible around dogs, so we decided the Kids newsletter needs articles written by us dogs.





Links to recent Newsletters:

  • Issue #1 - 2020    (pdf)     LATEST
    Goodbye Morgan;  About Doberman Pinschers;  Very Useful Things to Learn (teaching 'fetch');  Dogs' Den Storybook (how much exercise does a dog need every day?);  Game (Which House?);  Colouring Contest (Never Wake a Sleeping Dog Suddenly).
  • January 2020    (pdf)   
    About Rough Collies ('Lassie Dogs');  Very Useful Things to Learn (teaching 'speak' and 'quiet');  Dogs' Den Storybook (are dog ramps or dog stairs better for my elderly dog?);  Game (Scavenger Hunt: 'Spot a Well Behaved Pup');  Colouring Contest (Doggy Maze)  
  • December 2019    (pdf)    
    About Portuguese Water Dogs (PWDs, or 'Porties');  very useful things to learn (teaching 'lie down'; Dogs' Den Storybook (why should you train your pup?);  colouring contest (never put your hands between two dogs);  game ('Doggy Bingo').
  • November 2019   (pdf)  
    About Miniature Schnauzers;  very useful things to learn (teaching 'focus');  Dogs' Den Storybook (what to do when kids shriek and run away from your pup);  colouring contest (please don't hug a strange dog); game (what's that pup?)
  • October 2019   (pdf)
    About Beagles;  very useful things to learn (teaching your pup to 'leave it');  Dogs' Den Storybook (what should we know before getting a puppy?);  colouring contest (never make loud noises around dogs, especially sleeping dogs); game (a match up game)
  • September 2019    (pdf)
    About Australian Shepherds; very useful things to learn (teaching your pup her name); Dogs' Den Storybook (why do puppies chew?); colouring contest (stand like a tree, or be like a rock); game (scavenger hunt)
  • August 2019   (pdf)
    About Dalmations; very useful things to learn ('come'); Dogs' Den Storybook (is there a right age for a child to get a dog?); colouring contest; quiz (questions and answers from this newsletter)
  • July 2019   (pdf)
    About Jack Russell Terriers; very useful things to learn (teach your pup to sit); Dogs' Den (dogs can smell things much better than kids can); colouring contest; puzzle (which object doesn't fit with the others?)
  • June 2019   (pdf)   
    About Golden Retrievers; helping with your dog (choosing toys for your dog); Dogs' Den (why are some dogs wearing doggie booties in the winter?); Teddy Bear Picnic; colouring contest; puzzle (spot the differences); photos of Larry's puppy party
  • May 2019   (pdf)
    About Poodles; helping with your dog (socializing your puppy); Dogs' Den storybook (please don't disturb your sleeping puppy); colouring contest; game (the socializing game)

  • April 2019   (pdf)
    About Labrador Retrievers; Helping with your dog (for 5 year olds); Dogs' Den storybook (not every dog that wags its tail is friendly); colouring contest; eye detective game (spot the differences between two pictures)
  • March 2019   (pdf)
    Dogs with jobs (therapy dogs); Helping with your dog (for 4 year olds); Dogs' Den storybook (review of previous articles); colouring contest; game (word puzzle)

  • February 2019   (pdf)
    Book report - "May I Pet Your Dog?" by Stephanie Calmenson; What if you can't have a dog? (about fish this time); Dogs' Den storybook (how to be safe around dogs); colouring contest; puzzle (decipher the clues to see what you need when you get a new puppy)
  • January 2019   (pdf)
    Book report - "How to Speak Dog" by Sarah Whitehead; What if you can't have a dog? (about hamsters); Dogs' Den storybook (what to do when a dog you don't know runs up to you); colouring contest; puzzle (word find)
  • December 2018  (pdf)
    Fun website -, What if you can't have a dog? (about pet rabbits); Dogs' Den storybook (be kind to all animals); colouring contest; puzzle (fill in the missing letters)
  • November 2018  (pdf)
    Fun website -
    , Indoor activities for you and your pup, and teach your dog a trick ("clean-up game"); Dogs with jobs (police dogs); Dogs' Den storybook (never pull a dog's ears and tail); Colouring contest; Games at
  • October 2018  (pdf)
    Teach your dog a trick ("take a bow"); Dogs with jobs (hearing assistance dogs); Dogs' Den storybook (dog training classes); Colouring contest (never tease or chase a dog); Quiz - questions about the stories in this newsletter.
  • September 2018  (pdf)
    Goodbye Nellie; Dogs with jobs (mobility assistance service dogs); Indoor activities for you and your pup("hide a treat" game); Teach your dog a trick ("which hand"); Dogs' Den storybook (dogs like going for walks); Colouring Contest (stay calm); Quiz - 5 questions about this newsletter
  • August 2018  (pdf)
    Dogs with jobs (guide dogs); Teach your dog a trick ("crawl"); Dogs' Den storybook (dog school, don't disturb your dog when he is eating); Colouring Contest (the vet); Quiz – 5 questions about this newsletter
  • July 2018  (pdf)
    Dogs' Den storybook (the right way to meet a dog, and the wrong way); Colouring Contest (not every dog that wags its tail is friendly); Quiz - 5 questions about the Dog's Den story book
  • June 2018  (pdf)
    Teddy Bear Picnic; Colouring Contest (don't make loud noises around dogs);  Dogs' Den story book (dogs love to play, but don't like to be teased or chased); Games (unscramble the words); Tricks ("shake hands")



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