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In This Issue:


Nellie       Nellie   (picture taken by Julie More)

We held our AGM on Sunday Nov. 16th. Candice introduced the 3 new board members and thanked the retired board members for all their hard work. Dagmar presented the Transition certificate to the organization issued by the federal government. Financial report was given by Betty (our new treasurer) and Yvonne (our retired treasurer). Membership and volunteer reports were given by Julie, and Going to the Dogs Fundraiser report was given by Candice. Candice updated us on the CCGC program. Julie talked about the Park clean up events.

Dagmar did a short presentation of the Preschool and Dog Program followed by discussion of the material, the age group the program is aimed at, and future plans. This package has been developed for preschool teachers.Our future plans are to develop a package for parents. The daycare we did our pilot project at suggested we design a package for new immigrants. Another group we are thinking of focusing on is special needs children.


Christmas Safety Tips

Tyler     Tyler (picture taken by Julie More)

Holiday is just around the corner. It's a fun time of the year. Just ask my 2 pups. Every Christmas they wonder how come they get yummie treats and new toys. They think that if they can figure out what good behaviour resulted in these fantastic treats then they can repeat it every day for more wonderful goodies  

Holiday time can be dangerous for our pets. If your dogs are like mine they get into everything. We learned many things over the years as we raised dogs. Here are some of the things our pups taught us: 

Our big Christmas tree has been replaced by a small tree that fits perfectly on our coffee table. Our glass ornaments got replaced by non breakable wooden decorations. We do not have tinsels on our tree anymore.  

Presents that contain cookies, chocolate and any other yummie food do not go under the tree. That also includes doggie cookies and doggie treats. The list goes on.  

The Ottawa Humane Society posted a very informative guide on pet safety.  It's called "Twelve Pet Tips for Christmas."  

It gives suggestions on how to make sure your pet is safe during the holidays. I found it very helpful.


Website Review

Winnie     Winnie (picture taken by Kit Watson)

"Dog Duties – What’s Your Job”

Your children begged you to get a dog. They promised they will look after the pup. You will never even know there is a dog in the house. Yeh we have all heard that, right   However you start wondering what is realistic? How much will your children be able to help?

I found this website very helpful.


"How to Love Your Dog, A Kid's Guide to Dog Care"

Click on "What's your Job?" or just go to   to find out how your child can help. It starts with the 4 year olds petting and helping to brush the pup, etc. under adult supervision. You click on your child's age and it gives you suggestions on what he or she is capable of helping with. It's just a general guide line since each child is different and you are the one who knows your child the best. The chart goes from 4 year olds to 15 year olds. It covers all the categories like feeding, grooming, training etc.

Let me know what you think of this website.   Please email your comment to .  

Thanks       We will share your comments in our next newsletter.


Pet Story Corner

Kelley     Kelley (picture taken by Julie More)

The Kelley - Rob team 

Let me introduce you to Kelley and Rob. Kelley was our golden retriever who helped us raise Rob.  We got her when she was a little puppy in 1995. At that time Rob was 17 years old functioning at about a 10 year old level. Rob had Cerebral Palsy, neurogenic bowel and bladder, and cataracts, but in Kelley's eyes, Rob was the perfect boy. She recognized his limitations and accepted him.

Kelley loved her crate. It was her private room. When she decided she wanted to play, she wanted out of that crate immediately. However if Rob was letting her out she waited patiently while he tried several times to open the latch. It was the same with putting on her leash. With us she was very impatient as if to say "Put it on already. The birds, the trees and the other dogs are calling me. Let's go!" However with Rob she would sit very patiently while he struggled to fasten her leash as if to say "No hurry. You can do this. The walk can wait so take your time". She was the perfect dog for Rob.

Kelley taught Rob that sleep is important :-). Rob used to be the world's worst sleeper. He wouldn't go to sleep until midnight and was up at 4 am. Then we got Kelley. Rob wanted Kelley to sleep in his room. I told him that was fine, but that puppies need their beauty sleep so they grow up to be strong dogs. For the next year Rob and Kelley went to bed at 9 pm and stayed in bed until 6 am. Yay Kelley! One more thing she got Rob to do that we couldn't (smile)


Book Review

Tyler     Tyler (picture taken by Julie More)

"MAY I PET YOUR DOG? - The How-to Guide for Kids Meeting Dogs (and Dogs Meeting Kids)"

by Stephanie Calmenson
Illustrated by Jan Ormerod
(Children's book) Clarion Books
a Houghton Mifflin Company imprint
215 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10003
Text copyright@ 2007 by Stephanie Calmenson,  Illustration copyright@ 2007 by Jan Ormerod

Hard cover book (32 pages)

Available at the Ottawa Public Library (J PIC CALME)

Chapters book store sells it for $13.99

Recommended for 2 to 8 year olds

Stephanie Calmenson with the help of Harry (a very cute and very smart dachshund illustrated by Jan Ormerod) does a wonderful job explaining to kids how to be safe around dogs. The book starts off with "A Note To Grownups" on what the book is about. Next we meet Harry our very knowledgeable dachshund who tells his new friend (a little boy) how to meet dogs safely. He reminds him to always ask the owner's permission to pat his dog before approaching him. Some dogs like to be petted, but others don't.

Harry and his new friend cover a lot of topics in the book. Here are some important ones:

-  how to ask the owner's permission before walking over to meet a dog

-  how to approach a dog

-  how to pat a dog

-  what different body languages mean (wagging tail means happy dog, growling dogs don't want to meet you, etc.)

-  what to do when meeting an unfriendly or scared dog

-  how to behave around working dogs like guide dogs


In the last 2 pages of the book Harry and his friends give 6 important safety tips.

This is a very well written book. Easy to understand. Great pictures. I highly recommend it.


Volunteer Corner

Zion     Zion (picture taken by Mary Blaney)

Let me introduce you to our newest volunteer, Claudette Levac. She joined us earlier this year and helped us with the park clean ups and the Going to the Dogs Fundraiser. She is another of our volunteers I can call the last minute.  She is willing to help with almost everything.  Thanks Claudette    

Here is Claudette's story:

"I have recently joined RDOC thanks to Julie More.  I  have worked for Revenue Canada for twenty-eight years and retired in October 2010.  I met Julie through a group who meet in the mornings at McDonald's on Bank Street at Hunt Club.

I was a member of the Board of Directors for my condominium association for ten years.  I attended and helped out at the fundraiser on September 11 and enjoyed myself very much.  I also participated in the Conroy Pit Clean Up in September.  I know that I will enjoy being part of this wonderful group."


Membership Corner

Nelson     Nelson (picture taken by Mary Blaney)

Meet the Blaney family, our newest RDOC members. Mary, Gary, Diana, Jane and Elliott have always had pets.   Mary was a puppy raiser with Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind.   She puppy raised Zion a golden retriever.  Zion is a very shy dog, so he was career changed from a guide dog to the Blaney family pet dog. Zion is very happy about that.  Their other dog Nelson is a goofy black lab. Both dogs enjoy agility, tracking, etc.  The family is also owned by Tolkein the cat.



Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice and New Year


Everybody at RDOC would like to wish you a very happy and safe holiday

candle and greenery


Park Clean Up Day - Stittsville



Picture taken by Ivan Harris

Tolkien  (picture taken by Mary Blaney)

Nellie  (picture taken by Julie More)




Contact RDOC  by:
Phone: 613.258.6886


Write to us at:
9 Liette Ct., RR1, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0

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newsletter gif    Newsletter - Winter 2014    ::    also available in  PDF format    and   Microsoft Office format

In This Issue:


RDOC will be holding their AGM on Sunday Nov. 16, 2014 at 1 pm at the Pine Hill Estates Community Centre, 64 Goldfinch Dr, Kanata, K2M 2P5. It's in the Eagleson, Stonehaven and Pine Hill area in Kanata. Come and find out about our existing programs like the Canadian Canine Good Citizen (CCGC) test, park clean up events etc. We will be presenting our new Preschool and Dog Program. Bring any friends who are interested in the welfare of dogs in our society.  See you on November 16th.

Going to the Dogs Fundraiser

Going to the Dogs 2014

The 2014 Going to the Dogs Fundraiser was held on Thursday Sept. 11th at the Rideau Carleton Raceway. This was an annual fundraiser for Responsible Dog Owners of Canada, Therapeutic Paws of Canada and Hopeful Hearts Rescue. The fundraiser was a success. Each organization will be getting about $1,700.00. We should have the final numbers shortly after all the bills are paid. We are already starting to plan the 2015 Going to the Dogs Fundraiser. It will be held on Sunday, June 14, 2015. Karen Sendybyl from Hopeful Hearts Rescue will be the chair person.

Park Clean Up Days

Park Clean Up Day - Stittsville

Clean up day at Stittsville Park (photo taken by Ivan Harris)

Our park clean up crew was very busy in September. We were at Stittsville Park on Sunday morning September 14th, in Conroy Pit on Saturday morning September 20th, and in Bruce Pit on Sunday morning September 28th. Thank you everybody who came out to help us. Our parks look much cleaner now. Please keep up the good work over the winter. Our next clean up event will take place in the spring after the snow melts.

Volunteer Corner


Let me introduce you to Kit. She and I joined RDOC around the same time. Kit is a volunteer co-ordinator's dream. She is always willing to help and willing to do anything that needs to be done. You can call on her at the last minute and she always comes through. Here is Kit's story:

"I have been a volunteer with CGDB (Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind) about 12 years. I fostered two puppies. Unfortunately both failed the program, but fortunately both became great pets for 2 lucky families. I boarded quite a few guide puppies and guide dogs anywhere from a few days to weeks. Cliff and I adopted Pioneer (golden retriever) when the organization retired him. I also looked after other people's dogs and even some cats when their owners went away. My love of animals also led me to volunteer at the Ottawa Humane Society for a period of time walking their dogs. I helped out for two weeks at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah.

Presently, when I am called upon through Cheryl Lamb (dog transport organizer) or Golden Rescue, I also transport dogs who come from shelters or foster homes to their "furever" homes. I am presently owned and loved by two rescues of my own. Oreo from Friends of Abandoned Pets and Winnie, another golden, from BARK Rescue.

My work continues with RDOC. There is something to be said about "DOG PEOPLE"!! I enjoy being around them. I would like to end with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi, 'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated'. "

Winnie (photo taken by Kit Watson)


Preschool and Dog Program

We are continuing to work on developing 'The Preschool and Dog' program. We completed the manual for the preschool teachers. We are now in the testing stage. We tested the curriculum on 2 daycare classes (2 to 4 year old children). We asked the teachers for feedback. Come to the AGM on Sunday November 16th and find out more about the program.

CCGC (Canadian Canine Good Citizen) Test


This ten-step test provides a good measurement of a dog's behavior in a social setting with different distractions.  For more information on the CCGC test or CCGC preparation course, please contact RDOC at


Yearly membership fees are seniors and students $10.00, adults and families $20.00,   (volunteers get 50% discount),   not for profit organization $35.00, corporations and businesses $50.00.

To join or renew your membership please email  or go to our website at


Contact RDOC  by:
Phone: 613.258.6886


Write to us at:
9 Liette Ct., RR1, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0

Or visit us online at:



newsletter gif    Newsletter - Fall 2014    ::    also available in PDF format    and   Microsoft Office format

Our newsletters are also available in pdf format for easy printing; you may already have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer but if not, the free software can be safely downloaded from Adobe:   

In This Issue

Board News

We are pleased to welcome our new board members Dagmar VanBeselaere, Betty Harris and Jen Harris.

Our new board is made up of Candice O'Connell, Dagmar VanBeselaere, Julie More, Betty Harris, Jennifer Harris, Yvonne Robertson and Lorraine Green.

RDOC Board Positions

Co-chairs: Candice O'Connell, Dagmar VanBeselaere and Julie More

Treasurer: Betty Harris

Acting secretary: Julie More

Membership Co-ordinator: Julie More

Volunteer Co-ordinator: Julie More

Directors: Yvonne Robertson, Jennifer Harris and Lorraine Green

A big RDOC thank you to Donna (Rafalski), Cheryl (Smith) and Sylvie (Boudreau) our past board members. Thank you for all your hard work. You guys are wonderful.

Short Introduction from our New Board Members

Hi, my name is Dagmar. I have been a volunteer for much of my adult life, dealing with children, sports groups, adult social groups and health issues. Most recently I was on the national board of the Thyroid Foundation of Canada. I needed a complete change of focus after dealing so long with people issues. My dog, Xavier, introduced me to other dogs and their people. Dogs are the best and the people that love them are the best type of people. This is what attracted me to RDOC and I am thoroughly enjoying the work with RDOC to promote the welfare of dogs and make their people more aware of their responsibilities to their devoted companions.



I am happy to become involved with RDOC so that I can help make the world a better place for both dogs and people. I have previously held the position of Treasurer for Newcomers Club of Richmond B.C. and was on the Council of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association where I held the positions of Workshop Convener and University Liaison. Currently I teach piano lessons out of my home studio, and coach Ontario Special Olympics Rhythmic Gymnastics. I live in Stittsville with my husband Ivan, my daughter Jennifer, my dog Jazz, and my two cats Velvet and Tuxedo. I enjoy taking long walks in the off leash dog park with Jazz and performing duets for a monthly piano teacher's club. I am looking forward to working with members of the board of RDOC some of whom I have known for almost 15 years.



Currently I volunteer at the furniture bank (donating furniture to people in need), Harmer House (receptionist for seniors apartments) and at Shad Qadri ‘s office, the Stittsville city counsellor. I also have my own business where I make personalized cards and signs for people. All proceeds go to charities. I am a member of Live Work Play which is an organization that assists people with intellectual disabilities. I am looking forward to helping out on RDOC's board.



Going to the Dogs Fundraiser

Come and join us on Thursday September 11th at 5pm at the Going to the Dogs Dinner and Race Night at the Rideau Carleton Raceway.  This is an annual fundraiser for Responsible Dog Owners of Canada, Therapeutic Paws of Canada and Hopeful Hearts Rescue.  It's an evening of great food and fun.  The tickets are $40.00.  It includes the buffet, $5.00 coupon for the slots machines, $2.00 race coupons, free coat check and free valet service.  We will have a silent auction with wonderful items for you to bid on including West Jet tickets and VIA tickets.  Our Honorary Chair for this event is Derick Fage of Rogers Daytime.


Park Cleanup Days

Join us in our fall clean up days. We do this twice a year. Once in the spring and the second time in the fall. Most of us dog owners are very good in cleaning up after our dogs, unfortunately not as good cleaning up after ourselves. You wouldn't believe the number of Tim Horton's cups we collect on the clean up days. These events also help get our name out and what we do. It gives us an opportunity to answer people's questions.

During the morning we hand out the bags and gloves to dog owners. They are the ones who do all the work picking up the garbage etc. Their reward is a much cleaner park and their dogs get dog cookies  

Here is our fall schedule:

Stittsville Park - September 14th   from 9am to 11 am

Conroy Pit - September 20th   from 9am to 11am

Bruce Pit - September 28th   from 9am to 11am


Volunteer Corner

What would we do without our many wonderful volunteers.  It's you guys who keep the organization going.  You do everything from helping out in the park clean up days to planning teaching sessions for preschool teachers on dog safety. In each newsletter we will meet one of our wonderful volunteers.  Today I would like you to meet Janet Kettles. She helps out at the Going to the Dogs fundraiser and the dog park clean ups.  I can call on her at the last minute and she always comes through.  Thanks Janet.

"I started my Volunteer days about 44 years ago when my youngest daughter wanted to be a Brownie. Well that meant Mum was a Tawney Owl, My daughter lasted 1 1/2 years, I lasted about 7 or 8 years. Next came a coffee party where I raised my hand to become a Volunteer for CHEO, that was 35 1/2 years ago and still going strong. Next came Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind. I had the enjoyment of having 5 1/2 graduates, 5 who did not make the grade and 21 that I boarded for any time from 3 days to 6 months. This is where I had the good fortune to meet Julie and many other friends I refer to as my doggie friends. When I resigned from CGDB Julie asked me if I was interested in RDOC and the journey continues."


Project We Are Working On

Over the past year we have been working on our Preschool and Dog Program. We created a package to give to preschool teachers to use as resource when working on dog and dog safety with their students. We focused on 5 topics:

Topic 1: Talking to children about dogs

Topic 2: Looking after dogs (how children can help)

Topic 3: What not to do with your dog (safety rules)

Topic 4: Body language (how to read your dog's mood)

Topic 5: Meeting dogs outside (on-leash and off-leash dogs)

We are planning to give workshops to preschool teachers through the Preschool Resource Center.


CCGC (Canadian Canine Good Citizen) Test ™

This ten-step test provides a good measurement of a dog's behavior in a social setting with different distractions.  For more information on the CCGC™ test or CCGC™ preparation course, please contact RDOC at  



Yearly membership fees are seniors and students $10.00, adults and families $20.00, (volunteers get 50% discount), not for profit organization $35.00, corporations and businesses $50.00. To join or renew your membership please email  or go to our website at


Responsible Dog Owners of Canada (RDOC)

Responsible Dog Owners of Canada is a registered non profit organization that promotes responsible dog ownership through education and support, cultivates respect for the rights and privileges of members of  the dog-owning and non dog-owning communities, fosters recognition of the contribution that canines make through companionship, service/assistance and therapy and aspires to assemble a strong network of responsible dog owners to ensure the restoration and preservation of a dog-friendly society.

Responsibility   ·    Respect   ·   Recognition

Contact RDOC  by:
Phone: 613.258.6886


Write to us at:
9 Liette Ct., RR1, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0

Or visit us online at:


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