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This page is for all you kids who are interested in learning about dogs, how to help look after your own pet dog, and how to be safe around dogs.

Have fun and enjoy the activities. There is a lot to learn. Please keep coming back. We will put something new on this page regularly. 




Parents:  There is a lot of information on keeping children safe around dogs, in the links at the bottom of this page.

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"Favourite Sleeping Place Game"



Easy Skills to Teach Your Dog 

image:  dog bowing


"Take a Bow"



Colouring Contest


image:  coloured pencils    








The "Favourite Sleeping Place" Game



I love my doggy bed. Woofie! Woof!
I asked my other friends where they sleep. Unfortunately, they cannot spell. I guess they weren’t good students at school. Woofie! Woof!  

Can you help me unscramble their answers please?  Thanks.  Gus.


My friend Rosie piglet said she sleeps in a PGI TSY.

Callie fish sleeps in his FSHI WOBL.

Hallie bird likes to sleep in her NSTE.

Remi fox likes her FXO END.

Harvey chicken prefers her CKHINEC CPOO.

Molly cow tells me her BNRA is very cozy.

Buzzie bee likes her EEB HVEI.

Maggie horse likes her TALBSE.

Last, but not least, Woollie sheep sleeps in her PNE.


(the answers are further down the page)





 Find the RDOC Kids & Pups Newsletters here.



Easy Skills to Teach Your Dog - Take a Bow



"Tricks are fun! Tricks, like games, keep your dog alert and energetic.They give your dog a chance to play. Tricks give you and your dog time to be together.


Tricks help your dog to 'learn how to learn'. If they can learn tricks, then they can learn obedience and good behavior. Go ahead ... have some fun and teach your dog some tricks!"




Teaching "Take a bow"

Method 1:  When you see your dog take a big stretch, with his head down low, say, "Take a bow." Every time he wakes up and stretches, say, "Take a bow." Someday you will say, "Take a bow." and your dog will take a big stretch, but it will look like he is bowing. As soon as he is finished, give him the treat.

TIP:  Tricks like this work because you put words with something your dog does. It may take some dogs longer than others to figure this one out. Some dogs learn it in a week and some take years ... yes, years! But one day you will say, "Take a bow," and maybe, just maybe, your dog will take a bow.


Method 2:  With your dog in a stand position, take a treat and hold it near the floor, under his nose. As your dog reaches down to get it (he may try to lie down), slip your hand under his belly to hold his rear end up. Hold him in that position and say, "Take a bow." Keep the treat right by his nose, but don't feed him. Stay there for just a second, release him, and then feed the treat.

TIP:  If you feed your dog the treat while he is in the bowing position, in the future he won't bow until he sees the treat in your hand. If he learns that the treat comes later, he'll be willing to perform for you without it right there all the time."


Courtesy of the  Love your dog website









Colouring Contest


TIP:  It is very important to stay calm around dogs. They can be frightened by people jumping or screaming, and they may bite. It is always best to be calm and relaxed around dogs, especially strange dogs.



We would love to hear from you!

Click here and print out the picture of the two puppies. Colour the picture carefully with pencils or crayons.

Then tell us why your pet is special, and what rules you have in your house to make your pet safe.

Scan or take a photo of the finished picture and send it to us at with your email address. We will choose a winner each month, and post the picture in our newsletter for everybody to see.    


golden retriever with children



Get to know where all the dogs live in your neighbourhood, which ones are friendly, and which ones are not too crazy about little kids. Let an adult know if you see a strange dog without an owner visiting your neighbourhood.

(from the Fido, Friend or Foe activity book)



Healthy pets are happy pets.
Your pet is very happy that you look after him so well.






Dogs are Special



  • They are good farm dogs. They love to help herding the cattle.
  • They make good guard dogs.
  • They have a wonderful personality. They are very friendly, smart, and alert.  
  • They have thick fur and shed a lot. Not a dog to have if you are allergic to dog fur!  
  • They have lots of health issues, including cancer.  
  • They love to learn. It’s important to start training them early. Because they grow into such big dogs, you want to make sure they know what’s expected of them.
  • They have lots of energy. You have to keep them well exercised and busy, otherwise they will find things to do that you may not approve of. 
  • They are good with kids.








For Parents

'Fido, Friend or Foe?' activity book

The purpose of this activity book is to teach children how to act responsibly and safely around dogs. It can be used as a starting point to talk to children about bite prevention.

The Blue Dog

The Safe Kids/ Safe Dogs Project

Little Liam was fatally bitten by his family's own beloved dog. This site is full of information for parents and caregivers - such as dog body language; dog stress signals; signs of anxiety; why dogs bite; Be a Tree, and more. Well illustrated.

Dr. Sophia Yin's website: dog body language of fear and anxiety; how to greet, and not to greet a dog; also training tips and much more.

"Science Kids is the home of science & technology on the Internet for children around the world.”
This wonderful website helps kids learn about the amazing world of science by enjoying the “fun science experiments, cool facts, online games, free activities, ideas, lesson plans, photos, quizzes, videos & science fair projects."

Woof! It's a dog's life. Tips and training help from "Uncle Matty"

Poppy is a pit bull puppy and he has his own website where you can read about his adventures, learn about him and other puppies and dogs like him, or simply hang out and play some games.

Photo courtesy of Natalie Heath





Be A Tree program:  The information on our Education - Dog Bite Prevention page was compiled by Doggone Safe -
visit their website
for more information on the Be A Tree program.

The people at the Love your dog website have very generously allowed us to reproduce some of their articles. Please visit them, there is lots to enjoy there.

The American Kennel Club  (AKC) has more information, on training, dog breeds, games to play with your dog etc. Click on Search at the top of the page.





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