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Care Tips
The Toronto Keep Animals Safe Campaign
Dog Parks & Bites-What You Need to Know
Puppy Preparation Checklist
Finding Fido
Oprah's Puppy Mill Episode  (video)
Kennels vs. A Pet Sitter

Seasonal Tips

Pet Safe Valentine's Day (ASPCA)
Springtime Safety Tips (ASPCA)

Summer Safety Tips from the AKC
Summer Safety Tips from the OHS

Autumn Safety Tips (ASPCA)

Cold Weather Tips for Pets
Cold Weather Safety for Dogs
Winter Safety Tips
Canine Heatstroke (AKC)
Cottage Safety (OSPCA)

Travelling With Your Pet

Travel With Pets - VIA Rail
Car Travel Tips (ASPCA)
Air Travel Tips  (ASPCA)

Trips With Pets
Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

Choosing a Boarding Kennel (OSPCA)
Travel Safely With Your Pet (OSPCA)
Pet Travel Tips
Flying With Your Dog
Kennels vs. A Pet Sitter

Behaviour & Training

Keep Your Pet Entertained  (ASPCA)
Overcoming Separation Anxiety (ASPCA)
Emergency Recalls
Kids and Pets
Walking on a Loose Leash (OSPCA)
Dog Park Etiquette (OSPCA)
Dog Park Etiquette  (Dr. Sophia Yin)
Dog Parks & Bites-What You Need to Know
Holiday Bite Prevention Tips
Dog Bite Prevention  (ASPCA)
When Barking Is A Problem
Introduce Your Dog to Leash Free Parks
Bringing the Dog on Family Visits
Teach Your Dog To Be Polite When Taking a Treat
Doggy Play Bows
Give & Take - avoid resource guarding (video)


People Foods and Your Pet  (ASPCA)
Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants (ASPCA)
Most Common Pet Poisons (ASPCA)
De-Skunking Your Dog
What If Your Pet Ingests Rat Poison?
Dog Parks & Bites-What You Need to Know
Diet and Health Info for Man's Best Friend
Common Pet Poisons in Your Garden
How To Brush Your Dog's Teeth
Is Your Dog At Risk For Bloat?

Risk factors and prevention of bloat in dogs
How to Give CPR to your Dog
Itchy and Scratchy
New Parasite in Ontario

Is My Dog's Incision Healing Normally?
The Dangers of Rawhide
Mental Decline in Dogs


Freedom Dogs
Claudia Hehr (animal communicator)
The Great Dane Lady  (canine nutrition)
What to Do If You Lose or Find a Pet  (OSPCA)
The Possible Canine (health)
Eternal Companions Pet Memorial Centre
Ottawa Humane Society Kids Page
All About Assistance Dogs
Animal Cruelty Concerns
Dangerous Dogs and Breed Bans
The Ontario SPCA Blog
Healing Pets, Helping People - The Farley Foundation
Pet Insurance
Puppy Scams Thrive Online (ASPCA)

Young Children and Pets
Pet Information - Pet Place.com
Canada's Guide to Dogs
Canada's Pet Information Center - Pets.ca
A Dog's Wish   (YouTube)
Pet Week
Sources of Anxiety in Dog Lovers

Ruff Wear Dog Performance Gear

Portraits of Dogs As They Shake Off Water

Dog Philosophy 101

Modern Dog Magazine
Through A Dog's Ear 
Retractable Leashes (the good and the bad)
Chilly Dogs - active dog gear
Weird Things That Dogs Do - And Why They Do Them
Golden Retriever and Dancing Deer  (video)
DIY Dog Beds


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