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Jeffry is a cute little Sheltie-Collie mix who is 5-6 years old. He needs a home in a rural setting as he is very shy and "city life" is too much for him. He is skittish and leery of passing cars and bikes and people. In his previous life he lived in the country and was just fine and we've found he needs that same setting to be the happy, relaxed boy he can be in the right home. A fenced rural yard where he doesn't need to go for walks along busy sidewalks will work best for him. 

He needs a home who understands a shy dog and will give him the space and time needed to warm up and fall in love with his new family. He takes a bit of time to warm up to new people but once he does he is incredibly loyal and bonds strongly to his person (he currently happily follows his foster mom around the house and "helps" her as she goes about her day). A quiet setting with no young children will be best for Jeffry as he just seems to like the peace and relaxation of an older home setting.  

Jeffry has been fine with most of the dogs in his foster home but in his past he sometimes took a little time to warm up to new canine pals and currently he doesn't like one of the new fosters in the home although he plays chase and is fine with others. Like many dogs, Jeffry is a bit selective with who his canine buddies will be. He listens and respects the very dominant female Sheltie in the home so it doesn't seem to be a case of "I need to be boss". A home with no other dogs or a home with a very laid-back, young, playful dog would likely be best for him.  

Jeffry is excellent with the multiple cats in the foster home and will be just fine in a home with dog savvy cats.  

Jeffry would benefit greatly from an obedience class NOT for the obedience part (he is very smart and knows his basics) but entirely for the social aspect of the classes. He is leash-reactive with other dogs so needs a home that will work with him on an on-going basis with this. Leash-reactivity is a workable issue, he just needs a home who will do the work needed to change this behaviour.  

In the right home, with someone with experience with Shelties, but also someone with the time and willingness to help Jeffry blossom into the confident dog he could be, he will make a loving, loyal companion.


Adoption applications can be found at the Collie Rescue Network website.  

An adoption fee of $350 applies for all adopted dogs.


notice posted August 14, 2012

Last month's "Dog of the Month" was Sparky

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